Righteous - Sinner


Since Chris Drew and Christophe Bugnon founded Transistor Girl, they released two EPs both in 2014. A minimalist sound allowing for Drew’s soft melancholic vocals to ring out fully amidst the deep earthy sound of acoustic instruments.

After two years of writing and gigging in Switzerland, Germany and France, Drew and Bugnon were ready to go back into the studio to record Righteous-Sinner with Producer Yvan Bing. They ended up with 13 tracks rooted deep in the complexities and duality of the human psyche.
While retaining the delicate melancholy in the vocals and melodies of their earlier work, they opted for an edgier, richer and sometimes harder sound for their first Long Play record. Transistor Girl have created a world of introspection, stretching from intimate thoughts to screams of passion,  held together by a steady, hypnotic pulse.

On stage now with drummer Christophe Calpini and keyboard player Alex Rodrigues, Transistor Girl are already taking their sound to new levels. With Rodrigues’ moody Fender Rhodes and eery Nordlead and Calpini’s disturbed yet compelling beats, the line between acoustic and electronic is blurred as this quartet breaks free and evolves into something altogether new.